Learn more about ActiVue.

We have created an online presence, app, and all-in-one solution that can be utilized for individual or group activities for residents. Our program will be available on equipped smart TV’s, as well as android and Apple devices.


What is ActiVue?

ActiVue is an app that can be used on a television in the resident’s room or downloaded to a tablet or smartphone. The app provides age appropriate activities 24/7 for the residents’ use. ActiVue is available on the Apple and Google app stores.

Where did ActiVue come from?

ActiVue was developed by a long term care regulator and licensed administrator.  The need for ongoing age appropriate activities has always been present, but Covid made this necessity even more challenging.  ActiVue can assist the facility in meeting the psychosocial needs of the residents as well as meeting state and federal regulations for activities. 

How will ActiVue work?

Each resident’s television will be equipped with a tv box and they will have an air mouse to operate the program.  The Activity Director will work with the resident to customize the activities to their preferences.  There are several different categories of activities.  Currently these include, church services that are updated weekly, games, virtual tours, classic movies, comedy, exercises, and music.

We always welcome input and ideas that will enhance the quality of life for residents.  Please email any comments or suggestions to info@getactivue.com.