Get to Know ActiVue

What’s ActiVue’s story?
ActiVue began with the primary goal of raising the standard of long-term residential care. Our team has years of experience in many facets of the LTC industry, including LTC regulation and Nursing home administration. We’ve had ample opportunities to observe  activity programs at different levels of licensure – and it has brought to our attention over and over the need for engaging activities in order to meet one’s psychosocial needs. Incorporating Activue’s programming into your facility will go a long way toward meeting the individualized needs of your residents.

Providing regular, high-quality, individualized activities to your residents is difficult.

How many activities have you seen where only  a few residents show up? It’s highly impractical to offer more than few activities each day. Our goal is to provide age appropriate activities that stimulate the mind, body, and spirit, with a focus on residents needs and desires rather than “cookie-cutter” programs designed to satisfy regulations.

Challenges ActiVue can help you overcome:

Too Few Options

– Residents that are not fond of group activities usually are left sitting alone with not much interaction. 

– Residents that choose to stay in their room usually are very limited to activities other than watching TV programs.

Activities that aren't resident-focused

– Dont settle for infrequent or daytime-only activities. If a resident has trouble sleeping at night and would like an activity to do, Activue can provide programming for them that is stimulating and individualized. 

– We provide religious broadcasts for your residents – even for religions and denominations that are not common in your area.

Stereotypical activities

– Residents in long-term care have needs and interests as varied as everyone else. We can help you provide diverse programming so Bingo doesn’t have to be considered the “big activity” of the month.

– Many residents are not stimulated and find themselves depressed due to boredom. This results in complaints from the resident or family members, and ultimately the residents’ quality of life is jeopardized.

Get started

How it works.

When your facility signs up, you will pay a monthly fee.  The facility will purchase the necessary equipment for as many units as they desire in the facility.  Additional units can always be purchased.  However, there are select televisions that would not require hardware.  ActiVue will work with your facility to ensure your system is operational.  ActiVue is also available on any smartphone or tablet. 

There is no contract with ActiVue, however, we would appreciate a 30 day notice if you would choose to no longer have the program in your facility.  Every resident can access the app on compatible devices 24 hours a day.  Not only will our app provide a broad range of engaging activities for residents, it will help your facility meet federal and state regulations.  With the assistance of your trained staff, our program helps your facility provide person centered care to each resident. 

ActiVue provides modern tools for residents in long term care.

Diverse offerings

Our app provides games, stimulating educational material, virtual tours and excercise programs (to name a few).

Whether in a group, or individually, our wide variety of high-quality curated activities will appeal to a broad audience of LTC residents.

Available to all residents

Our program is available to all residents in subscribing facilities. The app works 24/7, and satisfies the federal activity regulation. All that is needed are compatible devices (such as smart TV’s, iPads, and Android tablets) and for some services (such as watching live streams) a broadband internet connection.


Our app has been designed from the ground up to provide an excellent experience to residents in LTC.

For those who want to keep to themselves sometimes, most activities can be done solo. Clubs and online play can allow residents to interact with other residents through the app, and group focused activities are available.

Schedule a meeting

If your facility is ready to improve resident care, just reach out by clicking below. We will schedule a demo with you where we will explain in detail the benefits of our specially designed entertainment technology. 

Helping you make happy residents

Our goal is improving each resident's quality of life. Everything we do and make is designed to accomplish that goal. One great side effect to accomplishing that goal is that it also improves your bottom line, and makes providing regular entertainment a breeze.

Want to see more?

The pictures above are representative images and may not depict the final product. To schedule a demonstration of our application, please contact us using our contact form.