Over 1.5 million Americans reside in long-term care facilities. Let’s make things better.

Who made ActiVue?
The ActiVue program was developed by a long term care regulator and licensed administrator.  The need for ongoing age appropriate activities has always been present, but Covid made this necessity even more challenging.  ActiVue can assist the facility in meeting the psychosocial needs of the residents as well as meeting state and federal regulations for activities. 

How does it work?
ActiVue can be available anywhere there is a television.  It is great for resident rooms, common areas, activity rooms, dining rooms and visiting areas. ActiVue is a great tool for individual and group activities, and was designed with ease of use in mind for those who are less tech-savvy. ActiVue can be personalized for resident preferences making it a very individualized experience for the resident.  There are many categories to choose from with ActiVue.  Currently these are church services, games, virtual tours, classic movies, comedy and exercises.  However, other content can be added with the click of a button by the facility to ensure resident preferences are being met. ActiVue will be an excellent tool for your facility, helping you meet your residents’ religious preferences, breaking down language barriers, and improving each person’s experience – the possibilities are endless.

At ActiVue, our goal is improving each resident’s quality of life.

Sometimes its difficult for Long Term Care Facilities to provide regular, age-appropriate activities that are individual and specific to the resident. We can help you do that.

Failure to provide individualized age-appropriate activities, if cited, can be a sub-standard of care deficiency. Many residents are not stimulated and can find themselves depressed due to boredom. This results in complaints from the resident or family members and more importantly, the residents’ quality of life is jeopardized.


We raise engagement

By providing activities that are interesting to a variety of residents.


We help your facility meet regulations

By providing you with tools to raise the standard of care.

We lower your costs

Our equipment provides a vast selection of entertainment to your residents at a fraction of the cost of alternatives.

Schedule a meeting

If your facility is ready to improve resident care, just reach out by clicking below. We will schedule a demo with you where we will explain in detail the benefits of our specially designed entertainment technology. 

Helping you make happy residents

Our goal is improving each resident's quality of life. Everything we do and make is designed to accomplish that goal. One great side effect to accomplishing that goal is that it also improves your bottom line, and makes providing regular entertainment a breeze.

Want to see more?

The pictures above are representative images and may not depict the final product. To schedule a demonstration of our application, please contact us using our contact form.